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Training for safe work with non-electrical equipment

Grounds for holdingThe training is conducted according to the requirements of the Safety Regulations for when working in non-electrical systems of electrical and heating plants and on heat transfer networks and hydrotechnical facilities from 22.08.2004.
The training is designed forIndividuals who need to acquire or confirm their qualification group. According to the Regulations, the qualification group is acquired, confirmed or changed in the case of:
a) starting a job;
b) change of position related to other requirements for a qualification group;
c) changing the nature of the work or activity and/or the occupational risks associated with them.
Learning objectiveAcquiring knowledge about the general rules for working in non-electrical equipment, the organizational and technical measures to ensure safety at work, personal protective equipment and means of personal protection, as well as about the organization of operational service.

Training topics:

1. Organization for safety at work in non-electrical equipment:

– qualification groups;

– persons responsible for safety;

– technical measures to ensure safety at work;

– signs and plates;

– Personal protective equipment;

– fire action rules;

2. Work in non-electrical systems:

– fuel – transport farms;

– farms for liquid fuels;

– gas farms;

– boiler systems;

– hydrotechnical facilities;

– steam and hot water pipelines;

– vessels under pressure and without pressure;

– compressor devices;

– loading, unloading and moving cargo.

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