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About Company

LOT-CONSULT is a leading multi-disciplinary occupational health and safety provider, offering professional services throughout Bulgaria and accomplishing assignments worldwide.

For over more than 23 years we successfully advise large, medium and small enterprises from all economic sectors – manufacturing, construction, processing industry, education, healthcare, transport, oil and gas, banks, state authorities, wholesale and retail, telecommunications and others.

Our team consists of highly qualified specialists (masters in OHS, engineers, doctors, health managers and inspectors, physicists, chemists and others) who have specific knowledge, skills and experience and work with a common goal: effectively solving the occupational health and safety problems of our partners and customers, preserving workers’ health, reduction and elimination of accidents and injuries at the workplace and maintaining and disseminating good practices, procedures and policies on health and safety at work.

Our clients receive fast and qualitative comprehensive services in occupational health and safety guaranteed by the latest laboratory measurement equipment and implemented and certified quality management systems. The mobility of our teams ensures the timely visit of sites in different parts of the country. We have offices in Sofia, Plovdiv and Burgas.

The privilege to perform our mission is provided by three Ministries of the Republic of Bulgaria, which are related to occupational safety: the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education and Science by which we are licensed as:

  • Occupational Medicine Service – Certificate № 091-2/18.10.2011, issued by the Ministry of Health
  • Inspection body for measurements of the parameters of the working environment and electrical safety – Certificate for Accreditation of Inspection Body of Type “C” to LOT-CONSULT, reg. № 295 OKS issued by the Bulgarian Accreditation Service
  • Vocational Training Center – License № 200812597/16.07.2008 of the VTC, issued by the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training to the Ministry of Education and Science

In response to the continually increasing need to implement European standards in Bulgarian enterprises LOT-CONSULT offers services to prepare companies for certification under the international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, SA 8000, ISO 27001 and others.

For the conduct of preventive medical examinations, according to Ordinance № 3 of the Ministry of Health of 28.02.1987 on the compulsory preliminary and periodic medical examinations of workers, LOT-CONSULT works closely with Medical Center MEDICAL LOT.

The recognition of the professionalism of our services comes from the largest and most prestigious institution in Europe – the European Commission, which gave us its trust to evaluate the working conditions and safety of its employees worldwide.

We are proud to have successfully performed the two 4-year contracts with the following scope:

  • Conducting audits on health and safety at work between 2011 and 2015 of 65 buildings of the European Commission in Brussels with surface of 1 450 000 m2 and 26 000 workers, and 11 buildings in Luxembourg with surface of ​​264 000 m2 and 4 300 workers.
  • Implement 74 successful missions between 2012 and 2016 in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America on occupational health and safety technical inspections of buildings and workers in the European Union Delegations, including the USA, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Colombia, Ukraine, Rwanda, Azerbaijan, Malaysia, Eritrea, Benin, Togo, Nepal, Ethiopia, Congo etc.

With the acquired international experience we have proved that in a small country like Bulgaria, there are experts with knowledge and experience on a global level. We have successfully applied good Bulgarian practices in health and safety in the countries we visited. Our work abroad enriched us with valuable knowledge and experience, and we were using the lessons learned in our daily work in ensuring safety and health in Bulgaria.

In parallel with the implementation of international and European commitments, we are successfully partnering with local and foreign organizations and develop consultancy services on the development and management of projects funded by European, national and international funds and donor programs. Our common mission is to contribute to ensure safe working environment for all!

The long-term vision for our development is related to the purpose of the company to inform Bulgarian employers about the European expertise and good European practices and to prove that the Occupational Health Service is the best consultant for Safety and Health at Work, which performs its duties genuinely and responsibly.

services offered by MC MEDICAL LOT are first aid training, medical examinations and issuing of fitness to work certificates comprise the medical package covered by GEP, in order for the business to be fully compliant with the legal requirements related to occupational health and safety.

Officials that lead and manage the work processes, officials and specialized services under art. 24 from the Law for health and safety at work (LHSW) and the personnel, appointed by the employer to carry out the briefings on safety and health at work.

Qualification groups on electrical safety.

People responsible for high risk facilities.

Coordinators on safety and health in construction sector.

For the fulfillment of the preventive medical checks, in accordance with Instruction №3 of the Ministry of Public Health from 28.02.1987 for the compulsory preliminary and periodical medical checks of the employees, LOT-CONSULT EOOD works in close cooperation with Medical Centre MEDICAL-LOT EOOD, Sofia, 10 Dobrila Street.

In 2003 the department „International Cooperation was created within the company Its main activity is related to providing consulting for the preparation and the implementation of projects, financed by European and international programmes.

As a response to the constantly growing need of implementation of the European standards in Bulgarian enterprises and following our accession to the European Union, LOT-CONSULT EOOD prepares companies for certification on international standards ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007, HACCP, ISO 27001:2005, SA 8000:2008, etc.
We work for the enhancement of work conditions in accordance to the EU requirements, in order to protect the health and the safety of the employees and employers’interests in front of the controlling bodies.

The long-term vision for the development of LOT-CONSULT EOOD is connected to the goal of the company to bring to the Bulgarian market the European experience, the good European practices and to show to the Bulgarian employers that there is a Health and Safety Service and OHS consultant, who is responsibly fulfilling his duties.

The advantages of LOT-CONSULT EOOD in the competitive market conditions are:

Continuous satisfaction of clients’ expectations through service quality enhancement, as well as decreasing their prime cost.
<    Qualified specialists with long-standing experience in all needed areas.
<    Ceaseless enhancement of the personnel’s qualification and motivation for high-quality work.
<    Correctness and strict abiding to the terms of implementation.
<    Flexibility, mobile teams with possibility to attend to clients in the whole country.
<   Possibility to perform complex services, encompassing the whole service cycle, stipulated in the Bulgarian legislation and related to the occupational health and safety. LOT-CONSULT EOOD doesn’t need to hire subcontractors for certain activities, because it disposes of specialists in all needed areas, encompassing Direction “Attendance by Health and Safety Service”; “Inspection Body for Control of the Working Environment and Electrical Safety”; “Vocational Training Centre”.
<   Regular analysis and assessment of the results achieved by the quality enhancement of the services and system control on the implementation of the tasks assigned in all company’s sections, as well as assuming personal responsibility.
<    Investing in business growth.
<    Presence of highly motivated and clearly defined development strategy.