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First aid training

Grounds for conductingHealth and Ssafety at Work Act, art. 20, para. 1 for the prevention of harmful consequences in cases of emergency and in accordance with the specificity of the activity and the size of the enterprise the employer:
  • ensures the organization of actions for the elimination of the danger, first aid, fire protection and conditions for the evacuation of workers, as well as contacts with emergency medical assistance and fire safety and public protection structures;
  • identifies the workers who will carry out the hazard eradication, first aid, fire-fighting and evacuation measures, the number, training and equipment provided for this purpose being appropriate to the specific risks and the size of the establishment.
  • measures and rules for the provision of first aid, fire protection and emergency medical assistance in the event of accidents in undertakings and organizations and the training of workers.
Rules for the provision of first aid in case of occupational health damage, approved by Order No. RD 09-410 of 1994, Art. 3, para. 1 and 2: ‘first aid shall be provided by employees. The training of employees in the rules for first aid shall be carried out within the framework of the forms of instruction and training of workers in safe working methods applied, in accordance with the specific health risks’. Ordinance No. 3 of 25.01.2008 on the conditions and procedure for carrying out the activities of occupational health services, Article 14, paragraph 2.
Ordinance No. 3 of 25.01.2008 on the conditions and procedure for carrying out the activities of occupational health services, Article 14, paragraph 2.
The training is designed for:The course is intended for employees of enterprises and companies, state and municipal institutions and departments.


Place and time of the training

Start time: 10:00 am

The trainings will be held online through the ZOOM platform. Participants receive an access link and will be able to participate in the training and ask questions in real time.

Price per participant80.00 BGN /without VAT/

Training topics:

The training in First Aid at the Workplace is conducted according to a basic programme including theoretical and practical parts, or according to programmes agreed with the applicant with different duration and content depending on the risks of the working environment in the respective enterprise or department. The majority of the training time shall be devoted to the acquisition of life-saving practices and the development of practical habits and skills for dealing with different situations. Interactive forms are used, where learners act in conditions close to real life and solve practical cases.

First aid consists of a series of simple, but sometimes life-saving, medical techniques that can be performed with minimal equipment and by people who have no special medical training.

In the workplace, first aid is most often needed for accidents, fires and/or crises of illness. Statistics show that more than 90% of injuries are predictable and can be avoided, especially if a person is educated on what to expect and how to respond properly.

In the event of an accident, those trained to provide first aid reduce the consequences of damage to the victim’s health by up to 40%.

Those who have completed the course are issued with a Certificate of First Aid Trainingin accordance with Article 20, para. 3, par. 1 and 2 of the Rules on First Aid to the First Physician of Order No. RD 09-410 of 1994 and pursuant to Article 14(2) of Ordinance No. 3 of 25 January 2008 on the conditions and procedure for the occupational health services.

The preliminary participation request is mandatory and has to be submitted to e-mail: office@lot-consult.com
+359 2 9172924; mobile +359 885 237773 – Krasimira Vladimirova, Training Coordinator
+359 2 9172918; mobile + 359 885 356779 – Galina Batalova, Marketing Manager
+359 2 9172913; mobile 0884 05 68 84
0700 800 10 – national number at the price of a city call

Payment after registration:
– to the bank account of LOT-CONSULT EOOD – UNICREDIT BULBANK AD, 1000 Sofia, 7 St. Nedelya Sq., BG 24 UNCR 7630 10067 85700, BIC UNCRBGSF

The first aid course can be arranged by additional agreement on site, in your company or facility at a convenient time for you, if a minimum group of 7 people is requested in advance.

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