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Occupational Medicine Service

Occupational Medicine is an activity from the scope of various specialties, aimed at:

  • protecting and strengthening the health of workers by preventing and early detection of occupational health impairments and by limiting and eliminating harmful factors and conditions at work
  • development and stimulation of healthy and safe work, work environment and work organization
  • increasing the physical, mental and social well-being of working persons and protecting their working capacity to support their professional and social development at work.

Occupational Medicine Service

The Occupational Medicine Service at LOT-CONSULT was one of the first registered by the Ministry of Health with Certificate No. 002/07.12.1998 and re-registered with Certificate for Change of Registration No. 091-1/17.04.2008/. It was established on the basis of Art. 25, para. 3, Item 2 of the Health and Safety at Work Act (SG, No. 124/1997) and Art. 2, Paragraph 2, Item 2 of Ordinance No. 3 on the conditions and procedures for carrying out the activities of the services under occupational medicine (SG, No. 14/2008).

Prevention is the key!

Our functions as Occupational Medicine Service are primarily preventive, related to consulting and assisting employers, committees and groups on working conditions in planning and organizing activities for:

– ensuring and maintaining healthy and safe working conditions

– strengthening the health and the working capacity of the employees

– adjusting the work to the capabilities of the working person, taking into consideration his/her physical and mental health.

Служба по трудова медицина

Occupational Medicine Service

The occupational medicine service at LOT-CONSULT provides a personal consultant for your organization. His/her task is to assist the employer in the implementation of preventive approaches to ensure safe and healthy working conditions. As well as introducing the principle of continuous improvement in the management of occupational health and safety activities.

The range of services provided by the Occupational Medicine Service is in accordance with the legal requirements and is determined by the terms of the specific contract.

Трудова медицина, дейност от обсега на различни специалности

In fulfillment of its main functions, the Occupational Medicine Service at LOT-CONSULT operates in the following directions:

  • Analyzing and evaluating the work environment and the work process and their impact on health
  • Monitoring, analysis and assessment of the employees’ health status in relation to working conditions and measures to strengthen and protect their health
  • Consultations on the implementation of preventive approaches to ensure healthy and safe working conditions

In every enterprise that we begin to work, we carry out a comprehensive evaluation (audit) of the organization of its OSH activity in all areas.

On the basis of the analysis, occupational medicine specialists from LOT-CONSULT provide assistance to the officials of the serviced enterprise in the development and implementation of internal documents and the creation of an organization for the management of OSH activities.

This includes:

  • Approval of the company’s policy in the field of OSH
  • Determining the duties of officials, workers and employees in terms of safe and healthy working conditions in job descriptions, in regulations for the internal work order and others
  • Designation of safety and health responsibles at work or assigning by contract to other natural or legal persons the performance of this activity. Provision of advisory assistance to these officials in the performance of their functions and tasks
  • Organization and conducting of the briefing and training of workers and employees on safety, occupational hygiene and fire protection. Training and verification of the knowledge of persons servicing high-risk facilities, or for whom this is required in legal acts
  • Creation of a file containing the approved projects for the construction of the sites, the documentation for their acceptance, the documentation of the ventilation, purification and other systems, the documentation related to the safety qualities of the used equipment and technological processes, as well as the requirements related to their safe operation and repairs. Availability of the necessary documents related to electrical safety;
Служба по трудова медицина при ЛОТ-КОНСУЛТ ЕООД
And more about occupational medicine:
  • Preparation of a list of high-risk facilities and activities with increased danger. Compliance with specific requirements regarding their legalization, inspections, condition, documentation and the legal capacity of the personnel who serve them
  • Implementation of a unified general policy for the prevention of measures taken to ensure healthy and safe working conditions, covering technology, workplaces, equipment and work organization, working conditions and social relationships;
  • Availability of data on safe and healthy working conditions, risk assessment. Measures to reduce or eliminate it and provide employees with the necessary information about it
  • Establishing an organization to investigate, register, report and analyze work accidents and occupational diseases. Taking measures to eliminate the causes that caused them
  • Determining places for employment of workers and employees in companies with a staff of more than 50 employees
  • Organization of the activity to ensure fire safety. Availability of a file containing all the necessary internal regulatory documents
  • Mutual information about the workplace risks, coordination of OSH activity and determination of the obligations of the employers in the use of one site, premises, workplace or equipment by several enterprises or companies
  • Submitting a declaration under Art. 15 of the Health and Safety at Work Act. Correspondence of the declared data, risk factors and measures to ensure safe and healthy working conditions with the actual state of the enterprise
  • Availability of valid protocols of the measurements of the parameters of the working environment. For example, microclimate, illumination, noise, dust, vibrations, toxic substances, electromagnetic fields, etc.
  • Availability of valid protocols of electrolaboratory measurements on occupational safety, including:
    • measuring the resistance of the “phase-protective conductor” loop;
    • measurement of insulation resistance;
    • measuring the resistance of protective earthing devices;
    • measuring the impulse resistance of lightning protection devices;
  • Creation of an organization to monitor and control the implementation of the planned measures for safe and healthy working conditions and compliance with the requirements for safety at work;
  • Designation of existing hazards and sources of factors harmful to health and safety, evacuation routes, first aid locations and fire-fighting equipment;
  • Compliance with the requirements related to the provision of special work clothing and personal protective equipment, their type, supply, suitability check, use and storage;
  • Introduction of physiological regimes of work and rest in the presence of work, related to high nervous-psychic load, imposed rhythm, monotony, forced work posture and others;
  • Building and creating conditions for work and training of committees and groups on working conditions;
  • Trainings and exams for qualification groups in electrical safety of managerial and executive electrotechnical personnel;
  • Training on health and safety working conditions for the persons conducting the safety briefings;
  • OSH training for coordinators in construction sector;
  • Organization and conduct of the training of workers on the rules of first aid, self-aid and mutual aid in relation to the specific dangers;
  • Organizing preliminary and periodic medical examinations of employees;
  • Assisting with compulsory insurance for workers, if such is required for the relevant activity.
Methods of work of the Occupational Medicine Service:

The methods and approaches we apply in our activities are subject to the principle of analysis, assessment, control, program and forecast.

The interdisciplinary approach is the goal-determining one in our preventive activity.

In carrying out its activity, the Occupational Medicine Service at LOT-CONSULT works with TM SYSTEM – a high-class web-based tool for management and automation.

The Occupational Medicine with LOT-CONSULT:

  • high quality services
  • economic cost (competitive prices)
  • unique experience and professionalism
  • health and safety for the employees
  • compliance with the regulatory requirements, according to the Act on Health and Safety at Work.

We owe our success to you – our long-standing customers and partners! We are grateful for your trust!

We are also open for our new partners and customers – it will be a pleasure for us to work together to ensure the health and safety at your workplace!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the duties and responsibilities of the Occupational Medicine Service?

The Occupational Medicine Service carries out its activities in accordance with the requirements of Ordinance No. 3 on the conditions and procedures for carrying out the activities of the occupational medicine services. The Occupational Medicine Service advises and assists the employer in organizing activities to ensure and maintain healthy and safe working conditions.

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