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The care for employees’ health and safety is a prerequisite for efficiency, respect and dignity in work. Having this in mind we assist our clients make the transformation from merely following the rules and laws to establishing a mature and shared safety culture within the organization.

Employer’s obligation is to provide the basic principles of prevention, including all necessary resources to ensure safe working conditions. The assessment of occupational risks is the basic and one of the most important tools for effective occupational health and safety management. Containing information related to the working environment, the assessment of occupational risks is a process of analysis and decision-making related to the presence of specific hazards, which improves the overall performance of the organisation.

The risk assessment is an important step in preventing occupational accidents and diseases and its results are the starting point for planning future works and ensuring the necessary resources for its implementation.

The Occupational Health and Safety Act as well as Decree No 5/1999 of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and the Ministry of Health define the order, manner and frequency of risk assessment and the main regulations, according to which the employer must have at his disposal a written assessment of the existing occupational risks, including those that refer to employees exposed in extreme risks.

What does risk assessment consist of?

Risk assessment report is a systematic examination of all aspects of work, including:

  • what could cause injury or damage
  • opportunities to eliminate hazards
  • preventive or protective measures to be implemented/applied in order to control occupational risks

The risk assessment includes:

  • Evaluation of work processes, work equipment, workplaces, labour organization, raw materials and products used.
  • Preparation of sheets containing classification of the activities, identification of hazards and possible injury, quantification of risk assessment and recommendations to liquidate or reduce risk.
  • Development of measures to eliminate or reduce risk.
  • Preparation of draft priority program for risk control with recommended measures, deadlines and responsible persons.

Risk assessment is reviewed when:

  • Changes that can influence the risk, such as introduction of new production processes, equipment, products and materials, changes in work organization, new buildings and facilities, reconstruction of existing ones, etc.
  • Changes in the regulatory framework
  • The assessment is based on data and information that have become invalid or inappropriate
  • There are circumstances for the risk assessment to be improved
  • The used protective and preventive measures are ineffective or inadequate
  • The results of investigations of accidents, breakdown, occupational diseases and incidents without injury require revision

The team of LOT-CONSULT has broad experience in occupational risk assessment in private and public sector and in all spheres of the economy.

Our competent specialists will assess the occupational risks at the specific workplaces, depending on the location, work equipment used, raw materials and products, working space. Risk assessment is not a single process. It is important for the employer to timely reflect any changes in the organisation, such as introduction of new work processes, new working practices, repairs and reconstructions and others.

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