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Vocational training center

The employees are our most precious asset and core focus. The trainings in occupational safety and health form an essential part of the measures for prevention of accidents and control of the losses in the enterprises.

The three essential core competencies that distinguish our trainings are:

  • Innovative approach to creating and promoting new services and products
  • Flexibility to adapt to new situations and ability to see change as an opportunity and not an obstacle
  • Efficiency to respond immediately to our client’s requests while maintaining our elevated standard of service quality

The Vocational Training Center of LOT-CONSULT carries out its activities in accordance with Vocational education and training Act /VETA/ with license № 200812597, issued by the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training. Our intensive 23-year training experience provides us develop and implement trainings which fully correspond to market needs, legal requirements and companies’ priorities. The trainings are theoretical and practical, in virtual and classical class rooms. They are presented in the form of a lecture presentation, supported with case studies and good practice examples.

Our trainings provide:

  • The necessary and sufficient information about the occupational health and safety rules for the formation of prevention behavior and reduction of occupational risks
  • Up to date information related to recent changes in the OSH legislation
  • Practical training under the OSH rules – knowledge and skills for the implementation of the legal requirements in the daily activities
  • OSH motivation techniques to comply with safety rules
  • Discussion and debate on specific issues and case studies


The experts of LOT-CONSULT assist you in defining the exact training needs of the staff. Our training programs are developed in a flexible manner to ensure the highest training efficiency and take best advantage of broadening employees’ occupational knowledge capacities through the usage of modern training methods and presentation techniques. Integral part of the learning process take the case studies, practical exercises, exchange of best practice examples and the support with useful audio-visual materials, thus achieving the best possible training results.

Trainings performed by our Vocational Training Centre:

  • Officials that lead and manage work processes, officials and specialized services appointed by the employer to carry out the monitoring on safety and health at work
  • Qualification groups on electrical safety
  • People responsible for high risk facilities
  • Coordinators on safety and health in construction sector
  • Work with dangerous equipment
  • Safe work with high-risk equipment
  • Safe driving
  • Loading and unloading operations
  • Ergonomics
  • Actions in case of accidents and urgent situations
  • Work at heights
  • Internal Auditors and Management Representatives in implemented management systems
  • Occupational hazards at the workplace and occupational diseases in various sectors
  • Safe operation under the influence of electromagnetic fields
  • Quality control of works in the construction; building products with the essential safety requirements
  • Electricians’ trainings for the rules of health and safety at work
  • Rules for safe operation in non-electrical installations of electrical and heating plants and heating networks and hydraulic works
  • Representatives of employers and employees in committees and groups for safe work conditions
  • First aid training of employees
  • Safety and Health at Work with hazardous chemicals

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