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Vocational training center

Employees are our most valuable asset. Occupational medicine and safety trainings form an essential part of accident prevention and loss control measures in companies.

The Vocational training center at LOT-CONSULT carries out its activities in accordance with the Law on Vocational Education and Training, with License Reg. No. 200812597 for conducting and certifying vocational training, issued by the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training.

Our VET is your correct partner in terms of training, according to the requirements of the regulatory framework on health and safety at work. The developed training programs are of different duration, tailored to the requirements of employers and are successfully implemented in Bulgarian and international programs.

We offer various types of trainings aimed at enabling both managers and employees not only to understand the current legislation, but also to successfully implement all requirements concerning their work environment.

We believe that the qualification of the labor force is a serious problem in many of the small and medium-sized enterprises and it is extremely necessary to use all possible effective forms of bilateral cooperation between the VET and the employers. LOT-CONSULT expresses its desire for joint work and cooperation to assist the management teams in the enterprises in fulfilling their obligations regarding the achievement of a higher level of employees’ qualification and educational level, the acquisition of new competencies in accordance with the requirements of the changing regulatory framework and labor market conditions.


VET at LOT-CONSULT annually conducts occupational safety and health training for over 4,000 persons, including employers, managers, officials under Art. 24 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, persons designated by the employer to conduct safety and health at work briefings, occupational health and safety experts, etc. The organized and conducted trainings cover various topics, with the emphasis being on specialized courses on safe work with high-risk facilities, qualification groups in electrical safety, OSH coordinators in construction, work at height, work with lifting equipment, fire safety, etc. During the trainings, we use innovative presentation methods that are very well received by the trainees, we hold useful discussion forums and provide up-to-date information materials.

VET’s MAIN OBJECTIVE is to assist the employees in acquiring a complex of OSH knowledge and skills while continuously improving the quality of work, mastering modern professional knowledge, skills and good production practice.

We aim to provide the employers and OSH officials with:

  • The necessary and sufficient information about safety and health rules at work to shape behavior to prevent and reduce the occupational risks.
  • Current information related to the latest changes in the OSH legislation
  • Practical training on OSH rules – knowledge and skills for applying the regulatory requirements in daily activities
  • How, in practice, managers can motivate employees to comply with OSH rules
  • Discussion and debates on specific issues and case studies


The trainings are theoretical and practical; classical – in classrooms, online or via the e-learing platform LOT ACADEMY. They are presented in the form of a lecture presentation, supported by analyzes of real Bulgarian and foreign examples. There are discussions on the learning topics and on practical cases and problems raised by the participants. Trainees’ knowledge and skills are assessed through exam tests, solving practical tasks. The trained persons receive Certificates, according to the regulatory requirements.


LOT-CONSULT possesses considerable experience in OSH services offered to the companies, knowing the specifics of the European and local market. We constantly enrich the training potential of our lecturers who have specific expertise and many years of experience in employees’ training, and in the development, implementation and evaluation of training programs. Respecting your priorities, our experts will offer you the training programs that can support your immediate and long-term safety objectives.

LOT-CONSULT tailors its training proposals with quality and responsibility, which established the company as one of the leaders in the field of safety and health at work. Trained employees can set goals, plan, organize, implement and measure the effectiveness of their work in relation to OSH. They know what they need to do, when and how.


If you don’t have time or you don’t want to attend a classical classroom seminar together with others or you need to “run” faster than others, LOT-CONSULT will tailor your individual training program on the territory of your company, online or via our LOT ACADEMY e-learning platform.


The experts of LOT-CONSULT assist you in determining the exact training needs of the employees in your organisation. Training programs are designed so that time and resources are respected and not wasted.

LOT-CONSULT experienced lecturers guarantee effective training. Lecturers and traing programs are continually evaluated. LOT-CONSULT lecturers use all modern teaching methods and techniques. Studying different cases, exercises, examples of good practice, workshops and others are an integral part of the learning process and help to achieve the best possible training result.

We can be your reliable partner in acquiring and improving your knowledge by organizing and conducting the following types of trainings:

  • Trainingin occupational safety and health
  • Training to acquire or confirm the validity period of qualification groups in electrical safety
  • Fire safety training
  • Training for occupational health and safety coordinators in construction sector
  • Training for safe work with high-risk facilities
  • Training for control of the quality of construction execution, for compliance of the building products used in the construction with the essential safety requirements
  • Training of the representatives of the employers and the employees in the Committees and Groups on working conditions
  • Training for safe work in non-electrical equipment
  • Training for safe work in confined spaces
  • Training of employees on the rules for first aid, self-help and mutual aid
  • Training for the safe performance of loading and unloading operations
  • Training for safe work at height
  • Fire extinguisher service training
  • Training for safe work in explosive atmosphere
  • Occupational safety training for workers / executives
  • Safety and health trainng when working with hazardous chemical substances
  • Ergonomics
  • Safe driving
  • Internal auditors and management representatives in enterprises with implemented management systems and others.

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