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Management systems

LOT-CONSULT team has many years of experience in building, training, successful implementation and maintenance of Management Systems in over 250 organizations of different sizes and industries throughout the count The focus of our company is the provision of consulting services in the development and implementation of management systems that meet the requirements of international standards for quality, the environment, safe working conditions, information security, good manufacturing practices, safe driving, based on the international standards of the ISO 9001 series, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 22000, ISO 27001, ISO 39001, SA 8000, HACCP and others.


  • Close cooperation with the assignor, full coordination of activities and coordination in the work process
  • Joint implementation with the assignor of the project implementation tasks by building a joint team, joint discussion and acceptance of all tasks
  • On-the-job training directly related to the performance of specific tasks
  • Maximum use and incorporation into the management system of the positive experience and practice of the Assignor
  • Construction of practically applicable and effectively operating management systems, corresponding to the strategy and the specific features of the enterprises
  • Demonstrating accuracy, trust and respect for customers, protecting their interests and ensuring full preservation of the employer’s trade and production secrets and confinedtially
  • Creation of an organization ensuring the timely and quality implementation of the project
  • Establishment of mutual partnership and cooperation with the client in the maintenance and development of the certified management system

Our competent experts can advise you in maintaining and improving the implemented management systems with:

  • Conducting first and second party internal audits for the needs of the organization
  • Consulting assistance in preparation for conducting control and recertification audits
  • Conducting training:
  • of managers and specialists in quality management, environment, health and safety at work, food safety, information security, safe driving, according to the requirements of the relevant standards
  • for practical approaches in the development and implementation of management systems
  • of internal auditors and management representatives for relevant management systems

The organizations with certified management systems:

  • gain potential customers who have requirements for their suppliers to have a certain certificate according to an international standard
  • are given the right to participate in various procurement tenders in which there is a mandatory requirement for a certain international certificate
  • win projects and opportunities to work with clients and partners in Europe and around the world

LOT-CONSULT has an implemented and certified Integrated Management System for quality, environment, health and safety at work and information security, according to ΙSO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 и ISO/IEC 27001:2017, which guarantees high quality of the consulting services provided by the company, as well as responsibility for the security of the information at our disposal.

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