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Safe driving

The training is designed forDrivers with less experience and everyone willing to effectively improve his/her own safety and that of the other road users when driving.
Learning objectiveImproving driving skills, gaining new, up-to-date knowledge in the field of defensive driving to prevent potential accidents and crashes. Developing correct driving technique, adequate reactions in critical situations, preparation for recognizing and anticipating dangers. Increasing the level of safety and competence of motor vehicle drivers.

Training topics:

  1. Factors affecting driving safety:
    1. The mental and physical state of the driver – driving a motor vehicle is a specific skill that should be practiced only by physically and mentally fit, sufficiently prepared drivers;
    2. The condition of the vehicle;
    3. Meteorological and climatic conditions;
  2. Techniques for dealing with extreme situations on the road
  3. Basic rules for safe driving
  4. Importance of road signs and signals
  5. Dangerous driving practices
  6. The risks of the road and the correct behavior, which should be adequate to the way of interaction of road users with the transport system.

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