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Training for qualification groups in electrical safety


Accidents related to death or serious injury, due to electric shock, continue to occur regularly because of an underestimation of safety at work rules. On the one hand, we often forget how dangerous it can be, on the other – the widespread use of electricity is a prerequisite for exposing the greatest number of workers to risk.

This is also proven by the large number of occupational accidents with a fatal outcome in recent years:
  • An electrician dies from a voltaic arc while climbing a 20 kV transmission line pole;
  • A cable operator dies from an unregulated 235-240 volt network;
  • A worker dies from electrocution from a damaged insulation wire;
  • A worker dies while changing electricity meter panels;
  • An auto mechanic dies from electrocution current from an extension cord that had plugs at both ends, not a plug and outlet, and at the time of disconnection the pins of the plug were live.

The analysis of the causes of the occupational accidents that occurred shows weaknesses in the organization of the activity to ensure electrical safety, including ineffective control, underestimation of instructions and training of electrical safety, performing unauthorized operations during work.

The labor inspectorate monitors injuries at the national and regional levels and plans inspections based on this indicator.

Electrical safety in enterprises

Given the data of accidents and incidents in the field of electrical safety and the reports of the Labor Inspectorate, which indicate that a significant group of detected violations are related to the training of personnel in electrical safety.

The purpose of the Vocational Training Center of LOT-CONSULT EOOD is to provide the necessary and sufficient information on all matters related to electrical safety, to motivate workers to comply with the rules and to prevent and reduce the occupational accidents and incidents.

LOT-CONSULT EOOD organizes specialized safety courses with a kind invitation for participation.


Grounds for conductingRegulations for safety and health when working on electrical equipment with a voltage of up to 1000 V – once every 2 years. for executive electrical personnel.
Requirements of the Regulations for safety and health when working in electrical systems of electrical and heating plants and on electrical networks – annually for executive electrotechnical personnel.
Training is mandatory for:power engineers, electricians, electricians, the persons managing machines and equipment powered by electricity. mechanics, installers, electricians, persons working with manual electrical instruments, electric crane operators drivers of lifting equipment, specialists carrying out prevention, repair and adjustment of computer equipment, operational and repair personnel, the adjusters of KIP and A, laboratory technicians in electrical laboratories, the persons who keep the Diary for the serviceability of manual electric tools, the persons who lead the work on technical operation, servicing and repair, who perform highly qualified work on settings, tests, measurements, persons issuing orders for electrical installations up and above 1000 V.

Place and time of the trainingStart time: 10:00 am

The trainings will be held online through the ZOOM platform. Participants will
receive an access link and will be able to participate in the training and ask questions in real time.
Price per participantFor the I and II qualification group in electrical safety – BGN 80.00 /without VAT/; for III, IV and V qualification group – BGN 100.00 /without VAT/

Electrical safety

Lecturer: Eng. Bozhidar Stamenov

Certificates will be issued to trainees who have completed the training.

The preliminary participation request is mandatory and has to be submitted to e-mail: office@lot-consult.com

+359 2 9172924; mobile +359 885 237773 – Krasimira Vladimirova, Training Coordinator
+359 2 9172918; mobile + 359 885 356779 – Galina Batalova, Marketing Manager
+359 2 9172913; mobile 0884 05 68 84
070080010 – national number at the price of one city call

Payment after registration:
– to the bank account of LOT-CONSULT EOOD – UNICREDIT BULBANK AD, 1000 Sofia, 7 St. Nedelya Sq., BG 24 UNCR 7630 10067 85700, BIC UNCRBGSF

The electrical safety course can be organized by additional agreement on site, in your enterprise or site at a time convenient for you, with a minimum group of 7 people requested in advance.

Each training participant will receive our latest specialized book in electrical safety in enterprises, free of charge. The book has a practical orientation to prevent electrical accidents, to assist employers and all persons, operating electrical equipment up to 1000 V.

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