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Training for safe work in confined spaces

Grounds for holdingArt. 6, para. 1, item 6 of Ordinance No RD-07-2 of 2009 on the terms and conditions for conducting periodic training and briefing of employees on the rules for ensuring healthy and safe working conditions.
The training is designed forworking in tanks, cisterns, pipelines, collectors, silos, etc. confined spaces that require access to the workplace through the use of Personal protective equipment.
Learning objectiveGetting to know the regulatory requirements for safety when working in confined spaces. Personal protective equipment required when working in confined spaces.

Training topics:

1. Regulations in the field of OSH in confined spaces

2. Obligations of the employer to ensure OSH

3. Sources of risk to the health and life of workers. Hazard identification, risk assessment and control. Analysis of occupational risks and working conditions when working in confined spaces. Required documentation.

4. Harmful factors for the health and safety of workers when working in confined spaces.

5. Measures to ensure safety and health when working in confined spaces. Signs and signals, signs and fences.

6. Good safety and health practices when working in confined spaces

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