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Training for safe work with high-risk equipment (HSE)


Grounds for conductingArt. 6, para. 1, item 5 and item 6 of Ordinance No. RD-07-2/2009 on the conditions and procedures for conducting periodic training and briefing of employees on the rules for ensuring OSH
The training is designed for:• persons who service or are responsible for the safe operation of pressure equipment (receivers, steam and water boilers, etc.)
• persons who serve or are responsible for the safe operation of lifting equipment (electric hoists, load-lifting cranes, mobile work platforms, etc.)
• persons working with gas systems and equipment with natural gas and for liquefied hydrocarbon gases

Place and time of the trainingStart time: 10:00 am

The trainings will be held online through the ZOOM platform. Participants will
receive an access link and will be able to participate in the training and ask questions in real time.
Price per participantBGN 125.00 /without VAT/

High-risk Facilities Training

Lecturer: Eng. Dimitrinka Stoyanova – Occupational health and safety expert with multi-year experience as Chief Inspector in the Executive Agency “General Labor Inspectorate”.

Certificates will be issued to trainees who have completed the training.

The preliminary participation request is mandatory and has to be submitted to e-mail: office@lot-consult.com

+359 2 9172924; mobile +359 885 237773 – Krasimira Vladimirova, Training Coordinator
+359 2 9172918; mobile + 359 885 356779 – Galina Batalova, Marketing Manager
+359 2 9172913; mobile 0884 05 68 84
070080010 – national number at the price of one city call

Payment after registration:
– to the bank account of LOT-CONSULT EOOD – UNICREDIT BULBANK AD, 1000 Sofia, 7 St. Nedelya Sq., BG 24 UNCR 7630 10067 85700, BIC UNCRBGSF

The course can be organized by additional agreement on site, in your enterprise or place and time convenient to you, with a minimum group of 7 people requested in advance.

OBJECTIVE of the safety training in servicing and maintenance of facilities with increased danger

The training on safety and health at work for employees whose work is related to the use, service and maintenance of machines and other technical equipment with increased danger or are engaged in activities that create a danger to their health and life or that of others aims:

  • Comprehension of the main legal and by-law requirements, rules and norms for safe and healthy work;
  • Hazards and risks in the use and service of pressure vessels, lifting equipment, gas equipment, steam and water boilers, metal pipelines for the transport of steam / hot water;
  • Acquiring and maintaining the necessary level of knowledge on the technical rules, norms and standards for safe operation of the relevant facilities with increased danger, incl. gas installations;
  • Requirements to the device of the specific facilities with increased risk, distribution gas pipelines, industrial gas installations and appliances;
  • Rights, obligations and responsibilities of the users and operators of the high-risk facilities;
  • Acquaintance with the purpose, device and principle of operation of the equipment used, its safe servicing and ensuring trouble-free operation;
  • Acquaintance with the ways to safely remove damage to equipment and pipelines;
  • Provision of technical supervision of th facilities with increased danger;
  • Creation of an effective organization for compliance with the statutory requirements for safety and health at work.

The purpose of the training on health and safety at work is a basic measure to implement prevention, minimization, elimination or reduction of risk when working with equipment with increased risk.

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