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Training on safety and health when working with hazardous chemical substances and mixtures


Grounds for conductingthe requirements of Ordinance No. 13 of 2003 for the protection of workers from risks related to exposure to chemical agents at work
The training is designed forcompanies that use and store hazardous chemical substances
Datesare subject to further clarification upon individual request
Place and time of the trainingStarting time: 10:00. The trainings will take place online – through the ZOOM. Participants will receive an access link and will be able to participate in the training and ask questions in real time at the scheduled time.
Price for one participantBGN 125.00 /without VAT/

The vocational training center of LOT CONSULT EOOD, organizes specialized training courses for managers, officials and workers on the topic “SAFETY IN WORK AND STORAGE OF DANGEROUS CHEMICALS AND MIXTURES”.

The purpose of the training is not only for the participants to acquire the necessary knowledge regarding the application of safety rules in their daily work, but also to provide all the necessary information: on the content of the risk assessment of workplaces where hazardous chemical substances and mixtures are used and stored; requirements for workplaces and storage warehouses, the need and type of personal protective equipment, etc. During the training, specific cases related to the implementation of the legislation will be discussed and debated.

The acquired knowledge will guarantee that, with its correct application, the regulatory requirements in this area are fulfilled and no problems with the control bodies of the Labor Inspection are registered.


  1. Classification of hazardous substances. Safety data sheets. Content and Information Requirements.
  2. Hazardous chemical substances and mixtures in the enterprise.
  3. Risk Assessment. Specific content and revision requirements.
  4. Organizational and technical requirements for safe storage of dangerous chemical substances and mixtures.
  5. Impact on the body of stored dangerous substances, the correct use of personal protective equipment and first aid in case of accidents
  6. Requirements for the storage of hazardous chemical substances and mixtures
  7. Preventive measures in case of exposure to chemical agents.
  8. Personal protective equipment for chemicals – selection and markings.

Those who have completed the training will be issued certificates in accordance with the requirements of Ordinance No. 13 of 2003 on the protection of workers from risks related to exposure to chemical agents at work” and training materials on paper or in electronic format, valid to the control bodies of the Executive Agency “General Labor Inspectorate”.

Requests for participation are submitted to e-mail: office@lot-consult.com, phone: +359 2 9172924, +359 2 9172918, +359 2 9172913, mob. +359 885 237773, mob. +359 885 356779, mob. +359 884 056884 and national number of the price of 1 city call – 070080010 – up to two days prior to the start of the courses.

Payment after registration:

– on the bank account LOT-CONSULT EOOD – UNICREDIT BULBANK AD, 1000 Sofia, 7 St. Nedelya Sq., BG 24 UNCR 7630 10067 85700, BIC UNCRBGSF;

– on the spot in cash – prior to the start of the courses on the respective dates.

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